Jeannie St. John Taylor
"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." (Prov. 16:3)
Prayer Helps
A few months ago, I came up with a solution to the problem of annoying dinner-time calls from telemarketers: I would offer to pray with them. The instant I made that decision, all irritation toward telemarketers evaporated and I recognized them as people just trying to make a living the best way they could.

I couldn't wait for the next call.

The first was from a telemarketer who spoke with a distinct accent. I listened patiently to the man's entire spiel. (Okay, maybe not patiently, but I did listen politely.) When he finished I said, "I'm afraid I'm not interested in your product, but I know you have a difficult job. Would you like me to pray for you before you hang up?" He stammered in surprise before saying yes.

I asked his name then kept the prayer brief, "Dear Jesus, Ben has a difficult job. Would you bless him tonight and let him feel your presence? In Jesus' name, amen." When I finished, he thanked me three times in a voice mingled with awe and gratitude. I still find myself praying for Ben occasionally.

My little campaign hasn't always been a smashing success. I could hear one fellow laughing hysterically as he hung up, another muttered something about no personal calls, most of the time the line simply goes dead as soon as I ask The Question.

But nearly half of the telemarketers accept my invitation and the Holy Spirit gives me something a little different to pray for each. I fully expect to get a call back from one of them someday. They already have my number.

If you want to start praying with telemarketers:

Always make begin and end with Jesus' name so there's no question who you're praying to.
As soon as the phone rings, ask Holy Spirit what you should say / pray.
Keep it brief.

Now congratulate yourself that phone solicitors will never upset you again. Then pass this message along to anyone you think might care about the people who are called telemarketers.

Email your successes to me.
Telemarketers and Prayer
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